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Sell Your House Without Repairs

Wondering how to sell your home fast?

Our trusted team at Nala Enterprises has you covered.

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Nala Enterprises's 360° Home Selling Process

Skip the hassle of repairs and agent commissions

Serving Texas with transparent, fair, and up-front cash home offers. Here's what to expect:

Speak with a person...

Not an agent just looking for a commission. We'll give you the best offer for your Dallas & Houston home.

No closing costs

We routinely buy homes in Dallas & Houston, streamlining the process to ensure more money in your pocket.

Sell your home as-is

Kick repairs to the curb. Our no-repair home-buying offers are as hassle-free way to sell.

All-cash offers

We stick to our initial offer for your Dallas & Houston home, paying 100% of what we promise, every time.

You pay nothing

Other Dallas & Houston home buyers leave closing costs to the seller. That's not how we operate at Nala Enterprises.

Flexible closing dates

We work around your schedule, closing only on the date that works best for you.

The Nala Enterprises Advantage

There's a reason why savvy home sellers in Dallas & Houston trust our team.

Here's what you can expect:

We buy homes in Dallas & Houston without agents or commissions

Hassle-Free home sales without delays, contingencies, or buyers backing out

Paperwork-free home buying throughout Texas

Sell your home even with roof damage, mold from flooding, structural problems, and more.

100% home offers at a better rate than Dallas & Houston's largest home buyers

And beyond...

We Can Buy Your Home Today!

We leverage our extensive knowledge and network for you to sell your Dallas & Houston real estate fast. If you're ready to immediately sell your home, we are buying today!

After we send you a quote for you home, the choice is yours. There are zero obligations or expectations. No matter what, you can take peace of mind knowing that we buy residential homes in Dallas & Houston regardless of condition.

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The Real Estate Market in Texas Has Changed Dramatically Recently...

Through our work, we always serve in the best interests of home sellers. That’s why we buy homes in Texas with no strings attached for virtually ANY situation, including inheritance, DIY projects and house flips gone wrong, relocation, pre-foreclosure, and beyond. No matter what the case, you can trust Nala Enterprises to buy your Dallas & Houston home.

Best of all, we are indifferent to the condition of your home. If you are unable to sell your home, we are here to buy any-condition Dallas & Houston home.

Selling With Agents VS Selling With Us

Selling With An Agent

Could take months before getting an offer

Updates and repairs before listing

Typically 6% commissions plus fees

Pay rent or mortgage on two properties

Uncertain closing with no guarantees

Selling With Our Company

No obligation cash offer within 24 hours

No costly, time-consuming repairs needed

Save thousands - avoid commissions and fees

No finance, appraisal or home sale contingencies

Close within 30 days. In as little as 7 days.

Nala Enterprises provides an alternative option for selling your home.

There are No Agent Fees, No Commissions, No Repairs, No Risk of financing falling through the cracks!

Here Are Some Common Questions We Answered

We understand you have many options, and want to make sure we are able to make you a fair obligation free offer on your home and cover all the bases!

How quickly can I sell my home?

Our average closing speeds are within a single week, outpacing our closest competitors by an entire month.

Will your cash home offer change?

Absolutely not. After sending you an offer for your {city} home, we stick to our price.

Is your company a brokerage?

We are not a brokerage. Instead, we buy directly from homeowners offering cash for their house.

What fees will I need to pay to sell my home?

None! We buy your home as-is at no expense to you.

Will I need a real estate agent?

No. We support an agent-free home selling experience without costly commissions or fees.

By requesting an offer, am I committing to anything?

You are not! We send our obligation-free home offers complimentary.

How can I get my free no obligation home offer?

Either fill out our form below or call or text us at 817-893-6276 to get started.

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We are available 24/7, oftentimes completing the entire buying process for your Dallas & Houston home within 30 days or less.

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By removing the need for staging, repairs, showings, lengthy paperwork, and more, we expedite the entire process. For a better alternative to Dallas & Houston realtors, our cash home purchases are here for you.

If you’ve asked the question, ‘’how much is my home
worth?” then now is your chance to find out. We get back to you within 24 hours or less with a fair offer for your Dallas & Houston home.

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No Agent Fees, No Commissions, No Repairs

By submitting this form, you consent to receive SMS messages and/or emails from Nala Enterprises, LLC. To unsubscribe, follow the instructions provided in our communications. Msg & data rates may apply for SMS. Your information is secure and will not be sold to third parties.

We are a real estate solutions and investment firm that specializes in helping homeowners get rid of burdensome houses fast. We are investors and problem solvers who can buy your house within 30 days or less. We specialize in Win-Win solutions for all of your real estate needs! We will provide you a fair hassle-free offer tailored specifically for your situation.